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Ilmenite processing remaining

  • T ilmenite smelting based on CO2 - SciELO

    The first step in upgrading the ilmenite to a pure TiO2 product is smelting the ilmenite to produce a TiO2 rich slag of 80-90% TiO2 content. During ilmenite smelting, the iron content of the oxide is lowered by reduction to metallic iron, which takes place in the liquid state at temperatures around 1650°C. This process produces two products, a

  • WO1990004656A1 - Refining of ilmenite by removal of excess

    The presence of chromite in significant amount in ilmenite downgrades the market value of the ilmenite. A substantial amount of the chromite may be removed, firstly by a reduction step, secondly by

  • Ilmenite smelting: the basics - SAIMM

    ILMENITE SMELTING: THE BASICS 75 Basic reactions This paper briefly reviews the principles of the ilmenite smelting process. Ilmenite has the nominal composition FeO.TiO 2. South African beach-sand ilmenites are close to this nominal composition, with the main impurities being MnO, MgO, SiO 2 and Al 2O 3 (amounting to some 3% of the mass of the

  • Ilmenite smelting: the basics T - SAIMM

    ilmenite smelting process. Ilmenite has the nominal composition FeO.TiO2. South African beach-sand ilmenites are close to this nominal composition, with the main impurities being MnO, MgO, SiO2 and Al2O3 (amounting to some 3% of the mass of the ilmenite). There are two main routes that are used to upgrade ilmenite, to serve as a feedstock for

  • Ilmenite: An ore of titanium Uses and Properties

    What is Ilmenite? Ilmenite is a common accessory mineral in igneous rocks, sediments, and sedimentary rocks in many parts of the world. Apollo astronauts found abundant ilmenite in lunar rocks and the lunar regolith. Ilmenite is a black iron-titanium oxide with a chemical composition of FeTiO 3.. Ilmenite is the primary ore of titanium, a metal needed to make a variety of high-performance alloys.

  • Continuous Test of Ilmenite-Based Oxygen Carriers for

    Raw ilmenite was tested as an oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion (CLC) in a dual fluidized bed reactor for 100 h. After this 100 h test, 21 wt % of the total used raw ilmenite was impregnated with 10 wt % potassium (K). The K-impregnated ilmenite mixed with the remaining used raw ilmenite was tested in the same reactor for 40 h. During the 100 h test, raw ilmenite showed a low


    Grand percent total ilmenite concentrate 63 - 250 µm and 250 - 500 µm with weight including magnetite concentrate: 69.7% Grand percent total ilmenite concentrate 63 - 250 µm and 250 - 500 µm with weight considering intial weight : 1.2% 1.6% tercent after processing tercent loss

  • A literature review of titanium metallurgical processes

    chemical processes and highlights the ilmenite processing and the production of titanium dioxide and metal through hydrometallurgical routes. Various processes for titanium production are compared in The remaining HCl acid is regenerated after the magnetic separation of the solid synthetic 3:):. ++),)) Titanium ).. Titanium.


    and ilmenite products. It would include strip mining 15 - 25 ha of land per year over a 20 year lifespan, extraction of up to 1649 ML/annum of water from the Roper River, processing plant and associated infrastructure and transport of 300 000 tonnes of ilmenite concentrate by truck 550 km to the Port of Darwin. It would provide

  • Project Updates Rio Tinto Ilmenite Ore Upgrading

    Dec 08, 2019· Updated Feb 19, 2020. See details here.. Background and Goals. A particular Rio Tinto mine produces ilmenite ore containing 32% (by weight) TiO 2.If the TiO 2 content can be increased to the range of 50%, new growth opportunities can be addressed within downstream pigment production markets where this ilmenite is used as feedstock. This upgraded ilmenite must be price competitive

  • Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Ilmenite Processing Technology

    Ten metric tons of Longnose ilmenite sample was beneficiated using gravity and magnetic separation to produce an ilmenite concentrate for hydrometallurgical testing. The beneficiation process resulted in three final products: high silica tailings, magnetite/titanomagnetite concentrate, and ilmenite concentrate.

  • Preparation of Titanium Dioxide Anatase Pigment from

    The sulfate rout for the processing of Rosetta ilmenite concentrate for the preparation of pigment grade titanium dioxide is studied The working concentrate is assaying 39.89%TiO 2 while the FeO and Fe 2 O 3 The solution of the remaining titanyl sulfate is then

  • Goondicum Ilmenite Mine, Central Queensland - Mining

    Ilmenite is a black metallic iron titanate element that consists of TiO content that varies from 45% to the stoichiometric value of 52.6%. The ilmenite at Goondicum deposit has a TiO content of 49-50%, making it suitable for the sulphate process for the production of titanium dioxide pigment.

  • Ilmenite Ore Prices Historical & Current

    The main product of ilmenite processing is titanium dioxide, which is used in a wide variety of industries and products, such as paints, pigments, plastics, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The mineral was first discovered in 1791 in England, and, currently, the global production of titanium minerals, coming from ilmenite is dominated by

  • Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Ilmenite Processing Technology

    Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Ilmenite Processing Technology UMD NRRI iii chloride leaching and sovent extraction system parameters for the ilmenite concentrate. The test l Although not tested, the following would be envisioned for the remaining streams of the hydrometallurgical process: from the titanium extraction circuit, most of the

  • Mineral Separation and Characterization of the Ilmenite

    concentration process, remaining associated to the co-products or wastes of the industrial process. Therefore, recovery these minerals prior the industrial process is economic and environmental interesting. In this sense, we have carried out an exhaustive characterisation of the ilmenite used in a titanium -dioxide industry, located in the

  • Ilmenite as a Source for Zirconium during High-grade

    Ilmenite can flow to pressure shadow zones, implying that ilmenite is a comparatively ductile phase at high temperature (Paludan et al., 1994; Duchesne, 1999). A corona of micro-zircons situated at the surface of an ilmenite grain that underwent major deformation during granulite-facies metamorphism is likely to have been destroyed during

  • Implication for Ilmenite Flotation - MDPI

    Nov 13, 2019· minerals Article Novel Selective Depressant of Titanaugite and Implication for Ilmenite Flotation Nengyun Liu 1,2, Zhen Wang 3,*, Junhui Xiao 3,*, Hongbin Wang 1, Bing Deng 1,2, Yushu Zhang 2 and Chao Chen 2 1 State Key Laboratory of Vanadium and Titanium Resources Comprehensive Utilization, Panzhihua 617000, China; [email protected] (N.L.);


    plant. The recovery of ilmenite from the fine particle fraction is getting more and more important in order to increase the overall recovery of the ilmenite plant. From 1997 to 2004, the Panzhihua Ilmenite Processing Plant built two circuits for the recovery of 0.045mm ilmenite using the SLon VP HGMS-Flotation flowsheet.

  • the by products when mining ilmenite

    Ilmenite mining process. Most ilmenite ore are poor ilmenite ore, so the ore processing must be carried out. Ilmenite ore beneficiation methods currently used for the mechanical selection including washing, screening, reelection, high intensity magnetic separation and flotation, as well as fire enrichment, chemical processing method.

  • Alkali roasting of bomar ilmenite: rare earths recovery

    the non-magnetic fraction of Bomar ilmenite, which is attacked with diferent types of alkali salts. Following roasting a two-step leaching process is carried out for concentrating and recovering the rare earth oxide fraction and TiO 2 rich phases. 2 Experimental procedure 2.1 Mineral ore Bomar ilmenite was selected due to its high content of rare-

  • Ilmenite for pigment and metal production

    Rutile is easy to process to titanium metal or TiO2 pigment by the chlorination method while ilmenite is more complicated because of its high iron content. Since the world reserves of titanium are 90% in the form of ilmenite and only 10% in the form of rutile, the treatment of ilmenite is evidently an important question in metallurgy [1,2].

  • An overview on the production of pigment grade titania

    Nov 29, 2004· Pre-reduction of ilmenite and titaniferous magnetite in a rotary kiln with coal, to assess the feasibility of improving the melting operations was investigated by Nafziger & Jordan, (1983). The ilmenite yielded Ti-enriched slag that was suita-ble for further processing by conventional methods. Pre-

  • (PDF) Gravity Concentration of Ilmenite - Shaking Table

    From what was observed and from the pictures taken, it appears that the heavier mineral separates the slowest. That is, even though there is more silica in the sample, for most of the separation process, there is more ilmenite than silica remaining on the table. Also, separation will always occur diagonally regardless of the frequency.

  • Indian Patents. 265471:PROCESS OF REDUCING ILMENITE

    Process of Reducing Ilmenite Description This invention relates to a process of reducing ilmenite which has a titanium dioxide content of 45 to 65 wt-% and a content of iron oxides of 30 to 50 wt-%. The reduced ilmenite can then be further processed to obtain for instance syn-thetic rutile with a TiO2 content of more than 90 wt-%.

  • Titanium Mining Process Titanium Dioxide Mining Mining

    With the shaker process, the grade of ilmenite up to 48.82% and the recovery rate over 76%. 2 Electric separation. Electric separation popular in the production of titanium concentrate, the electric separator is the main electric titanium mining process equipment. 3 Magnetic separation process

  • Projects Strandline Resources Limited

    DuPont makes all of its pigment with the chloride process, which yields a better quality product and which is less pollutive than the sulphate route. Coburn ilmenite averages 61.5% TiO 2 and the Company has a sales agreement with DuPont for 54,000 tonnes per annum. DuPont and others have expressed interest in the remaining volume of ilmenite.

  • Sulfation Leaching Treatment ilmenite Concentrate Titanium

    Apr 08, 2018· Sulfate process plants, which produce less than 30 pct of the TiO2, are based on the dissolution of ilmenite and/or titanium slag in sulfuric acid. Iron sulfate is separated by crystallization, and the remaining solution is diluted to precipitated hydrated TiO2, which is calcined to TiO2.

  • Introduction to the project - Bluejay Mining

    approximatelyapp. 88% ilmenite with the remaining 12% being composed mainly of magnetite and other heavy minerals) will be transported to the dry plant. Process at the dry plant Before entering the the dry plant, the heavy mineral fraction material from the wet plant will

  • What is the main difference between ilmenite and ilmenite

    Apr 17, 2020· The high-carbon ferro-titanium contains 17% titanium and 7% carbon, and the remaining iron is used as a ladle additive for purifying steel. The low-carbon ilmenite alloy contains 20% to 25% titanium, 0.10% carbon, 4% silicon, and 3.5% lead, and the rest is iron. It is used as a reducing agent and is made of ilmenite in an electric furnace.


    Ilmenite is among one of those with higher specific gravity. It can achieve the same density with adding less weighting the remaining filter cake after soaking with 7.5 wt% HCl and 7.5 Separate by magnetic process from the mud while not influencing the drilling or logging. 2 The average particle size was approximately 10 µm. The reason


    PROCESSING OF ILMENITE (FeOTiO 2) FOR VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS . G V S Murthy. 1, *, Nikhat Parveen. 2. and Ch R V S Nagesh. 3. ABSTRACT . Beach Placer Ilmenite is an important source for production of titanium metal, titania slag and pigment grade titanium dioxide. Besides, these well known applications for which Ilmenite is mined and

  • A review of mineral processing of ilmenite by flotation

    Oct 01, 2020· As a combined processing technology, rare earth drum magnets are first used to remove ilmenite from mined heavy mineral concentrate feed, from which most of the ilmenite can be recovered.

  • Titanium-enriched ilmenite residue, its application and

    The procedure and the end product of the processing of titanium-enriched residue to some extent differ from ilmenite. In particular, liquid-phase process refers to the processing of titanium-enriched residue with 55-65% of sulfuric acid in the liquid phase, and the temperature during the reaction is 130-140°C and reaction time of 1.5-4.5 hours

  • A brief introduction to production of titanium dioxide and

    Jan 01, 2020· Ilmenite can also be converted to a more pure titanium dioxide product using the Becher process. This process consists of high-temperature exposure to oxygen in air to convert ilmenite to pseudobrookite: 4FeTiO 3 + O 2 = 2Fe 2 O 3 TiO 2 + 2TiO 2. The oxidation process oxidizes the iron and allows it to form a separate iron oxide phase.


    Oct 12, 2016· a dry magnetic separation process and the remaining ilmenite is thus upgraded to a higher TiO 2, lower ferric-iron bearing product, which is highly reactive and soluble in sulphate-route pigment production plants. This homogenising process is also designed to produce consistent and uniform product specifications. Figure 2: %TiO 2

  • APPENDIX I - National Space SocietyWorking to Create a

    Obviously, it would save processing steps and mass if this process is applied directly to the ilmenite. The next processing step shown in figure 4-24 is the reduction of titanium dioxide. The appropriate method appears to be carbochlorination followed by reduction with magnesium to produce molten titanium. Of the two remaining processes